Never picking against the Giants again

That really should sum up my feelings on what’s left of the baseball season, but it’s halftime of the thrilling Falcons-Eagles game (by that I mean the Dirty Birds lead 24-7), so I’ll elaborate.

I’ve picked against the San Francisco Giants pretty much every step of the way during this postseason. And they have proven me wrong, degraded my ego and thwarted my perfect pick record every step of the way. After their Game 3 win, I’m a believer. They’re going to finish off the Tigers and end the three-ring circus that has been the 2012 MLB Playoffs.

Make it merciful, gentlemen.

Which brings us to the NFL.

As stated, the Falcons are currently thrashing the Eagles by a mark of 24-7. Meanwhile, the Patriots and Rams are squaring off on the other side of the pond and the Pats lead 28-7 at the half. If this surprises you, then you should read this column as often as I should write it.

I’ll have a full write-up soon.

Author: Sports Guy

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