Opinion: Libertarians Know How to Fight Opioid Crisis

As the Libertarian candidate for Governor, I’ve been speaking about the need to return money, power, and decision making back down to the local level and, as much as possible, back to the people.  The campaign is not just about reducing your state and local tax burden, but of getting the state off your back, out of your bedroom, away from your business, and out of your life.  Until recently, our country always took care of problems locally. Each community is different and will have different approaches to addressing local concerns, but the top down, one-size-fits-all approach up in Concord has resulted in growth in state bureaucracy and taxes, but not a lot of problems getting solved.

Incredibly, almost every country in western Europe has successfully tackled the drug problem by trying different approaches.  While Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Holland decriminalized most or all drugs, others did not.  Yet most have now been moving resources away from prisons and enforcement to treatment, prevention, and recovery support options like counseling and employment support.  It turns out that recovering addicts need to completely break away from old habits, but it’s very difficult to find work.  Switzerland offered diamorphine clinics as an alternative to methadone, an approach that’s been so successful that Ireland, Germany, Holland, Britain, and even Canada are now implementing them.

In American towns, we’ve been helping folks who’ve fallen on hard times, knowing their background, their history, their family, and what underlying issues have brought them down.  Rather than tossing another billion dollars into the state bureaucracy, our interest is in helping them through treatment, job training, counseling, or whatever help they may need to get back on their feet.  The current drug crisis has highlighted the ineffectiveness of state bureaucracy and prisons, but has also shown so many families, volunteer groups, faith based efforts like Teen Challenge, and local programs like Chucky’s Fight, that are getting results.  A vote for Libertarian candidates on November 8th will get that message across to the meddling class in Concord.

Author: Max Abramson

Max Abramson is a Libertarian member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, representing Rockingham District 14 in Seabrook. He is a Libertarian candidate for Governor and his campaign website is MaxAbramson.org. He can be reached at MaxAbramson@gmx.com.

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