What the Latest WikiLeaks Emails Have to Do With New Hampshire

It seems that top aides in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had some choice words about the people of New Hampshire.

The email reads, “What is wrong [with] the people of Nh?,” and was sent on the evening of February 4 — just five days before the First in the Nation Primary.

Photo from Wikileaks

Photo from WikiLeaks

The latest email dump Monday by hacktivist group WikiLeaks comes from Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s account and revealed the inner workings of her campaign from excerpts of Wall Street speeches to strategies to defeat her primary rival Bernie Sanders.

The email comes from Neera Tanden, president of the liberal think tank Center for American Progress in Washington D.C. She was a top adviser to Clinton during her 2008 presidential run, and Tanden supports her 2016 White House bid, but has no official role in her campaign. Many suspect she could become the next Chief of Staff or hold a high-level position within a Clinton administration.

Some Granite Staters were offended by the comments, saying there was nothing wrong with New Hampshire voting for Sanders. The New Hampshire Republican Party sent out a tweet about the email.

They released a full statement later: “Today’s announcement that Hillary Clinton’s top advisers disparaged the people of New Hampshire in internal communications reveals the contempt and disdain that her campaign has for our great state. It’s clear that Hillary Clinton’s campaign hates the Granite State because they are still stung by her overwhelming loss to Bernie Sanders in our First in the Nation Primary.

“The Clinton campaign owes New Hampshire an immediate apology, and Clinton supporters including Governor Maggie Hassan, Councilor Colin Van Ostern and Representatives Annie Kuster and Carol Shea Porter should denounce this shameful comment. It’s time for them to stand up for New Hampshire instead of standing with the arrogant, out of touch Washington elitists who are running Secretary Clinton’s campaign.”

The New Hampshire Democratic Party has not formally responded to the NHGOP yet, but Chairman Ray Buckley tweeted yesterday condemning the email hack.

At the time of the email, the former U.S. secretary of state had been down in the polls in the weeks leading up to New Hampshire’s primary. Her primary rival, Bernie Sanders, was up double digits over Clinton.

The Vermont senator won the primary by 22 percent more than Clinton, which gave him significant momentum to continue the fight against Clinton all the way to the Democratic National Convention in July.

Sanders officially endorsed Clinton at an event in Portsmouth in July, and recently, was seen campaigning with Clinton at a rally at the University of New Hampshire on college affordability in September and then held two events on his own last week.

In another email, the Boston Globe was shown working with the Clinton campaign to publish an op-ed on its website.

Photo from Wikileaks

Photo from WikiLeaks

“Just wondering if we are still on for that piece. Brian said last week it was ready and just needed approval. It would be good to get it in on Tuesday, when she is in New Hampshire. That would give her big presence on Tuesday with the piece and on Wednesday with the news story. Please let me know,” wrote Marjorie Pritchard, op-ed page editor for the Globe, in an email to Podesta.

While it’s not revealing that the Globe would work to publish an op-ed from the Clinton campaign, the phrase “that would give her big presence” is interesting.

The Globe, while being a news outlet is also a business, so it makes sense that they would want to publish the piece when Clinton is in the state so it had more potential to go viral. But it’s unclear from Pritchard’s wording if that’s what she meant or if the piece was to expand Clinton’s visibility when in New Hampshire.

The Globe endorsed Clinton before the New Hampshire and Massachusetts Democratic primaries, and the paper recently endorsed her for the general election.

Podesta’s emails were obtained illegally and the U.S. government formally said the Russian government is responsible for the recent hacks and are trying to interfere with the presidential election.

He responded for the first time yesterday since WikiLeaks dumped his emails. He said, “I’ve been involved in politics for nearly five decades. This definitely is the first campaign that I’ve been involved with in which I’ve had to tangle with Russian intelligence agencies, who seem to be doing everything that they can on behalf of our opponent.”

Author: Kyle Plantz

Kyle Plantz is a reporter with NH Journal.

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